Partner Dance Club Virtual

Partner Dance Club Virtual, is since April 2020 the leading virtual institute where any form of social partner-dance or pairs-dance can be learned. Obtaining knowledge online, in the comfort and privacy of your own home or venue of your choice when it suits you, is now the most prestigious way of becoming educated and/or skilled. Partner Dance Club has made it possible to obtain this life-skill virtually too and in a way the couple feels as though attending class.

Because people don’t know which social couples- or pairs-dances they should learn and why, we created the world’s first virtual pairs-dance club by setup a syllabus so that the dancer can merely follow our curriculum toward learning to dance successfully. Albeit all the formal dances are important to learn, each have their own character and are fun to dance, most formal dances are taught to train the brain in becoming fit for footspeed as well as to learn to dance faster. Other formal dances are taught so as to know where the steps originated from and what they actually look like, which are danced in the informal dances such as the Sokkie, South African Two-Step and Boerewals. All our dances are used when attending a dance-function whether it be a formal, semi-formal or casual function, since the music at a function determines what is danced.

At Partner Dance Club Virtual we teach all the dances listed below and also strongly promote and specialize in the local South African heritage dances such as the Sokkie, South African Two-Step and Boerewals.

Learning to dance is a long walk, however, members of our dance-club who participate in all the virtual lessons diligently and practice all the new steps and elements as required, learn very quickly. Social pairs-dance is a life-skill, with countless advantages, a person will use for the rest of your life.

We teach the following dances:


Casual Ball

Latin American

Rock 'n Roll


Casual Spot

Casual Dances

Theatre Arts

Group Dances

Dance Steps