Our traditional or physical dance club started social partner-dance instruction of group classes, in the beginning of 2011, at a predominantly Caucasian boys school. With extensive research over 8 to 10 years by our founder, Dr. Lizelle du Plessis, a social and socializing anthropologist, it was discovered that Caucasian males, particularly in South Africa, need a boost and dedicated attention. This is the reason we cater for guys, because if a guy can’t dance, the couple cannot dance, since the guy is the instigator of each and every step or move on the dance-floor.

Dr. Lizelle found that once a guy understands his male role in the dance relationship or partnership as a dance-partner, he was eager to learn to dance. The setback was that many guys had the idea that they can learn to dance within 1 term that was brought on by crash-course dance teachers. However, once this was overcome and the guys understood that it takes time for a guy to develop and grow into the social couples dance style, they danced for years to a very high level of dance. This made it nice because wives, sisters and girlfriends could for the first time really have fun, since females love to dance.

Because our standards are really high, we want to teach people ourselves, knowing that once we have laid the foundation, anyone anywhere in the world will be able to build on it, unlike the many dancers we get from crash-course instructors.

Guys are really not the same as girls. Many a time, there was a guy who wanted to learn to dance, but wanted to do it on his own terms by requesting to only get taught the Sokkie or Two Step. Dr. duP tested this, but the verdict was as also concurred by the Prof that set up our syllabus, that a guy needs to learn everything and have a proper foundation with enough knowledge about most or all social couples dances to be able to dance, The boys that were tested couldn’t put the one foot in front of the other during the Sokkie and/or Two Step lessons because they didn’t have a proper foundation, which our current program provides. The only way a guy can get his feet to move the way he wants is if he does the proper program.

Our dance instructors are internationally qualified with 34-plus years experience in social couples-dance instruction. Dr. Lizelle, as other of our instructors, obtained their dance knowledge in the USA while conducting research for her PhD. We aim to provide our members with the best dance training possible.