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Advantages of Becoming a Member:

Advantages of Becoming a Member and Taking Lessons at the Partner Dance Club.

With our special confidence building program and personal skills we will bring out confidence in your child that nobody thought possible, besides the confidence couples-dance already provides, thus laying the social dance foundation the right way.

These classes  are presented in such a way to teach and demonstrate how to have the most appropriate fun possible in a social setting.

The benefits you gain from taking lessons …

    • Increases concentration due to brain stimulation!
    • Places couples and individuals in a different league, being a prestigious activity.
    • Individuals are more likely to be invited to functions they normally won’t be invited to.
    • Counteracts boredom and mischievous activities, since being able to dance is an appropriate social activity.
    • Aids in improving balance and coordination.
    • Develops foresight & common sense; consideration & reasoning ability among many other elements needed for personal and brain development. During this type of dancing, all senses and body parts are used at the same time that aids in overall development.
    • Cultivate high social standards as well as a high standard of social skill, sociability and popularity. Ballroom and Latin American dancing are for Kings, Queens and Aristocracy! (Very fitting for our Grey boys and their dance partners)
    • A boy who can dance is popular at functions and every girl’s, including one day his wife’s, social hero! The dance floor, as with social events, is where males actually learn to be real men and gentlemen.
    • Girls able to dance and follow the lead of the boy is also very popular at dances and males usually exempt them from the rest saying: “I like dancing with her; she dances ‘lekker’!”
    • This type of dance tuition aids in girls becoming and being refined ladies.
    • Boys learn to provide protection and take calculated or decisive action that aids in developing “contributing leaders.”
    • Girls learn to be skilled and shrewd team players that are light-footed and easily maneuverable.
    • Introverted, shy and timid children and people, if able to dance (a little or a lot), can socialize without having to make conversation or chat and still have a lovely time in the company of others while attending functions, being active among others.
    • Learning to dance is used lately as an extension and/or enhancement of other sport activities and in addition increases participation. Grooming a child early, on social skills, is of the essence.
    • Dance-fitness is not only a supreme way of being fit that aids in staying slim or losing weight, but dance-fitness compliments sport achievers who want to excel in rugby, soccer, hockey, tennis, swimming, netball, etc. (also now a proven fact)Dancing is not for sissies! Once individuals start dancing, the high level of fitness needed to dance, become apparent!
    • In developing dance savvy it aids in developing driving-a-vehicle sense!
    • Normal dance fees are usually costly, but at Grey College Social Dance Club the fees are low, to enable anyone to become a member and be in a position to obtain this specialized social skill that opens up a totally new world and way of socializing.
    • Dancing, in this case social Ballroom and Latin American dancing, brings couples together, and is also vital for social recognition and sensible interaction.

Experts in our field of expertise and as part of the special way this type of dancing is taught with one of the largest syllabi in the world, not only dance-floor etiquette is included, but also social etiquette in general too, of which; appropriate and respectful behavior toward and touching the opposite sex!

Although this level of dance might be ‘social’, but still has a high standard, competitions are used to build additional confidence. Strictly competitive or competitive-style dancing cannot be applied and utilized at social dance events, because extravagant choreographed steps are used for the competitive dance-floor. Strictly competitive dancing is also not for the faint hearted. Only 1 out of 100 000 people really have the aptitude and what it takes to get involved with competitive dancing, as it requires 6-8hours training 6-7days/week to reach the appropriate level of excellence to compete. Our type of social dance competitions is for everybody and not only provides confidence but also a sense of achievement in that a secret confidence building method is used. Every participant thus gets a trophy. Should a competitive dancer be discovered he/she will be notified to seek special training elsewhere, but most people are social dancers.